inet driver bug

klacke <>
Tue Feb 15 14:36:36 CET 2005


Just had a debug session with Tobbe and Johan B. 
They've written some kind of javascript chat program for yaws. 
Anyway, it didn't work on vanilla R10_x and we were debugging 
the thing. It worked just fine on our local/cvs based 
erlangs ... all versions.

It turned out to be a fix which I've sent to you before
(years ago) which was still in our CVS but apparently not
yet incorportaded.

Sorry if patch is not dirctly applicable, but we have quite a lot
of other stuff in the inet_driver which garbles the patch.


@@ -1980,7 +1979,7 @@
     int c;
     /* start-line = Request-Line | Status-Line */
     if (n == 0)
-      return 0;
+      return -1;
     h = 0;
     meth_ptr = ptr;

Pretty serious.



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