Mac OSX installation issue with R9C-2

Reto Kramer <>
Sat Sep 11 03:17:43 CEST 2004

I've noticed that my "make install" command fails for R9C-2 on my OSX 
Mac because the /usr/local/lib/erlang/Install script at line 95 does a

   if [ -d $ERL_ROOT/lib/sasl* ]

which fails with

[yoghurt:~/erlang/otp_src_R9C-2] reto% sudo make install.Install
cd /usr/local/lib/erlang && ./Install -minimal /usr/local/lib/erlang
./Install: line 95: [: too many arguments
Formatting manual pages (this may take a while...)
make: *** [install.Install] Error 127

It turns out that I've got 3 version of the sasl application installed 
(back from older OTP releases that I used):


My work around was to patch the line to be

   if [ -d $ERL_ROOT/lib/sasl-1.10* ]

This then allowed the sasl boot script to be generated correctly (it 
now is the R9 script that includes kernel-2.9 rather than 2.8, which is 
what I cared about).

Best regards,
- Reto

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