Macros and keywords, R9C2

Thomas Lindgren <>
Wed Sep 8 18:18:13 CEST 2004

--- Danie Schutte <> wrote:

> I understand the reasoning, but from a practical
> perspective, isn't it
> better to stay away from names like that - just to
> avoid confusion? 
> (Especially with newbies)

Actually, I thought it a bit confusing that one
_couldn't_ define begin, end, etc :-)

Personally, I would consider "[staying] away from
names like that" a matter for organizational coding
standards, rather than language standards. For
instance, you can already use 'begin', 'end' and so on
as atoms. And Erlang macros can already be confusing
for all the usual reasons (just like C macros).


PS. Nice domain name :-)

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