Martin Bjorklund <>
Tue Oct 26 22:53:42 CEST 2004


erl_syntax in R10B is not erl_parse compatible for 'try' expressions.

erl_syntax thinks a 'try' is {'try', Pos, Body, Claues, Handlers}, but
in erl_parse try is {'try', Pos, Body, Clause, Handlers, AfterExprs}
(see erl_parse.yrl:build_try)

Also, within erl_syntax.erl itself, the Body in the 'try' expression
is sometimes [synatx_tree()] and sometimes just syntax_tree(), which
makes it crash.

This makes distel:who_calls fail.

I've patched my local erl_syntax.erl to handle this, but that fix is
extremely ad-hoc.


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