-noshell under Windows

James Hague <>
Thu Dec 16 19:05:50 CET 2004

What's the proper behavior of the -noshell switch under Windows?  I'm
assuming it should keep the Erlang window from popping up, with the output
redirected to the current console.  -detached, on the other hand, runs the
emulator completely free from the console.  (And on that note, shouldn't
erl.exe--not werl.exe--run in an existing console instead of popping up a

The reason I'm asking is that I provided a small patch for R10B-2 that saves
and restores the window position for werl.exe.  I just noticed last night,
however, that -noshell now results in the Erlang window being displayed (but
it doesn't accept or display output), which I don't think is right.
-detached works just fine.  What's strange, however, is that changes to
win_con.c shouldn't have any affect here.  The -noshell command should
completely avoid initializing the win_con driver.  Any insight would be

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