[eeps] Per-module process registration

Richard O'Keefe <>
Thu Feb 11 00:15:34 CET 2010

On Feb 11, 2010, at 2:54 AM, Håkan Mattsson wrote:
> Your EEP makes these things easier. But what I am getting at,
> is that it is already today possible to implement safe registration
> of processes and I am questioning if it is worth the effort to
> clutter the language further.

No, it is *NOT* "already today possible to implement safe registration
of processes".  Race-free, yes.  Safe, no.  BECAUSE IT'S GLOBAL.
The major point of the EEP is to provide *encapsulated* 'registration',
so that                                   ------------

    the interface functions in a module can communicate
    with the server process(es) of that module by name


    making it or them vulnerable to outside interference.

There is currently *no* way for a process to make itself visible to
the interface functions only without making itself visible to every
process in every node hooked up in the same Erlang cluster.

THAT'S the problem I wanted to solve, back in 1997 or so.
A programming interface for the purpose that is much simpler
to use well than the current one is nice to have, but I'll
agree that if that were the only or even the main point, it would
be better just to write a library function.

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