[eeps] Proposal for /\ and \/ operators

Adriano Bonat <>
Fri Feb 27 01:33:28 CET 2009

I prefer the more readable names max/min instead of the math symbols,
just to not break legacy code.

This problem of breaking legacy code leads me to the question: how
does erlang versions work? I mean what defines the change between the
release 10 to 11, 11 to 12 (the current one).

IMO, I would priorize the language readability instead of the
backward-compatibility, so its better implement the max/min in a new
release version and make it well documented to everyone be aware. An
example of this approach is used by Python 2 to 3.

> The rationale of the EEP points out that 'max' and 'min'
> are already in wide use as function names.  If you try
> using one of the built in operator names as a function
> name, like
>        and(X, Y) -> X and Y.
> the compiler will not let you.  "Syntax error before: 'and'".
> So we *can't* use max and min as operator names without
> breaking a lot of code that didn't deserve to be broken,
> including Erlang/OTP itself.

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