[eeps] Multi-Parameter Typechecking BIFs

mats cronqvist <>
Thu Feb 26 14:42:57 CET 2009

"Richard O'Keefe" <> writes:

> Remember, in the case of
> 	receive Pattern when Guard -> Choice
> we *can't* move the guard into the Choice.
> If 'when' is a mistake, then the *whole* guard has to
> move into the pattern.
> If you *don't* mean that everything in guards should be
> in patterns, then you have expressed yourself most confusingly.

  Apparently. Of course, some people confuse easier than others.

  Just in case someone else is interested in my actual opinion about
  guards in receive clauses (unlikely as it seems); I'm undecided. I
  suspect the pattern 

   Bla when G -> 

  where G cannot be expressed as a match or a type check is rare.


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