[eeps] Proposal for /\ and \/ operators

Pierpaolo Bernardi <>
Thu Feb 26 10:55:34 CET 2009

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 10:35 AM, Raimo Niskanen <
 <raimo%>> wrote:

> Can you explain to a non-mathematician (me) why you have defined
> (E1 /\ E2) as min(E1, E2) and
> (E1 \/ E2) as max(E1, E2). To me it seems counterintuitive
> since /\ looks like a mountain hence max
> and \/ looks like a valley hence min.
> And I do not want to fully understand Lattice theory
> to understand which operator is which. I am a simple programmer.

It's not ROK's invention it's common mathematical usage (derived from
Boolean algebra, I think).

The symbol  \/ derives from the letter V, abbreviation of "vel" (= or in

I'm not sure where /\ comes from (maybe an inverted V?)

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