[eeps] Multi-Parameter Typechecking BIFs

mats cronqvist <>
Wed Feb 25 11:55:51 CET 2009

"Richard O'Keefe" <> writes:

>>  Professional Programmers (here defined as people that write programs
>>  because the get paid for it, and not because they are interested in
>>  it) don't read mailing lists, blogs or books about programming.
> In that case, they are what Ledgard & Tauer called P-sub-A
> programmers:  people who *think* they are professionals but
> are really amateurs.

  I was trying to make the distinction between people who would
  program even if they didn't get paid, and people who would stop
  immediately if they didn't get paid.

>>  It seems obvious to me which form is easier to read.
> Why yes.  It is.  The first one!

  so we disagree.


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