[eeps] Multi-Parameter Typechecking BIFs

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Thu Feb 19 15:57:18 CET 2009

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 13:15, mats cronqvist <> wrote:
>  the problem I have with this proposal is that it does not address
> what, IMO, is the fundamental problem; that I have to correlate the X
> at the beginning of the line with the X at the end of the line.
>  I think something like this would be much better:
>     func({_,X::float,_,Z::float}, [{_,Y::float,A::float} | _]) ->...

>  This has been proposed before, and rejected for no good reason (that
> I can remember).

FWIW, I like this approach too. Syntactically, maybe it would better
to have instead
   func({_,X/float,_,Z/float}, [{_,Y/float,A/float} | _]) ->...
so that it's similar to the one used in binaries? Of course, it's
little meaning in discussing details for a proposal tha has alrady
been rejected :-)


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