[eeps] Multi-Parameter Typechecking BIFs

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Thu Feb 19 11:32:59 CET 2009

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 00:22, Richard O'Keefe <> wrote:
> On 19 Feb 2009, at 7:30 am, James Hague wrote:
> [an EEP suggesting that is_T(X1, ..., Xn) in a guard should
>  have the same meaning as is_T(X1), ..., is_T(Xn).]
> However, may I respectfully suggest that this is yet
> ANOTHER problem that is better handled by abstract patterns?


Yes, this works in this case, but one may have something like
    func({_,X,_,Z}, [{_,Y,A} | _]) when is_float(X,Y,Z,A) ->...
so IMHO this shortcut is still useful.

[And yes, I think abstract patterns should be implemented anyway]

best regards,

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