[eeps] Library functions for binaries

Fredrik Svahn <>
Tue Mar 4 07:19:10 CET 2008


Here is officially the proposal for library functions for searching and
handling of binaries.

I have been told that it is better to have many smaller EEPS than a large
EEP trying to cover everything. In that spirit this EEP does not include any
suggestions which would require changes to the compiler, although several
such changes has been suggested to me. There is plenty of material for
future EEPs with pattern matching and regular expressions combined, for
instance. There is probably also room for further EEP:s on efficient
transformation of binaries, e.g. for writing encryption algorithms or

The main focus of this EEP, however, is the introduction of efficient search
functions for binaries, including regular expressions. Also included are a
number of support functions for binaries discussed on the erlang mailing
list over the years.

BR /Fredrik Svahn
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