[eeps] Re: Match specs and receive

Richard A. O'Keefe <>
Fri Jul 11 06:40:55 CEST 2008

Fredrik Linder <
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asked about the possibility of
	receive MatchSpec(X) -> ...
	function(MatchSpec(X) = V) -> ...

(1) A MatchSpec is just a data structure
(2) The mapping between (ets/mnesia) MatchSpecs and
     the corresponding Erlang code is fairly straightforward
(3) All components of the Erlang compiler are available at
     run time
I think you can see where I'm leading up to...
these can be put together to get something that compiles
a MatchSpec to a recogniser 'fun' (or a receiver 'run').

This may well be _better_ than putting it in the syntax,
because it lets you use compiled (with HiPE, even native-
compiled) code rather than interpreting MatchSpecs.

"I don't want to discuss evidence." -- Richard Dawkins, in an
interview with Rupert Sheldrake.  (Fortean times 232, p55.)

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