[eeps] Revised suggestion for EEP4 and EEP6

Ulf Wiger (TN/EAB) <>
Tue Sep 11 17:16:16 CEST 2007

I support the revised suggestion, including the
abbreviations for the bit syntax.

Ulf W

Kenneth Lundin wrote:
> Hi,
> From the different suggestions we have now the following compromise to suggest:
> Type test functions:
> is_binary, is_bitstring
> Size functions:
> tuple_size
> byte_size (which returns the size in bytes needed to hold the binary
> or bitstring)
> I.e no crash as suggested before.
> bit_size (which returns the size in number of bits)
> Type qualifiers in binary/bitstring expressions:
> /binary
> /bitstring
> /bits (shorter alias to /bitstring)
> /bytes (shorter alias to binary)
> It can be questioned to have bits and bytes as alias, the only reason
> is that it is convenient with a short notation in binary expressions
> (Kenneth).
> We also think it is better to handle this and future EEP discussions
> on the mailing list  so I recommend you all to join
> that mailing list. Join
> here http://www.erlang.org/mailman/listinfo/eeps/
> /Kenneth and Björn

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