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Behaviour module for the SNMP agent discovery handler.


This module defines the behaviour of the agent discovery handler. A snmpa_discovery_handler compliant module must export the following functions:

The semantics of them and their exact signatures are explained below.


stage1_finish(TargetName, ManagerEngineID) -> ignore | {ok, usm_entry()}


TargetName = string()
ManagerEngineID = string()
usm_entry() = tuple() compatible with usm.conf

This function is called at the end of stage 1 of the discovery process. It should return either the atom ignore or {ok, usm_entry()}. See usm_entry() and usm_entry/13 for more info.

If the function returns ignore, then it is assumed that either:

In either case, the agent will do nothing, but return the retreived ManagerEngineID (see discovery for more info) and possible continue with stage 2 of the discovery process.

The purpose of this function is to generate the usm- related security data needed for usm processing in the agent. Specifically, updating the usmUserTable.

When an usm_entry() tuple is returned, this data is then added to the usmUserTable by the (master-) agent.


Note that this function is executed in the context of the master-agent process.

snmp 4.13.3
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