Erlang 5.1/OTP R8B

This document describes the major new features of and changes to version R8B of Erlang/OTP. For more detailed information, please refer to the release notes for the respective applications.

The major focus of the development of OTP R8B has been:

Appmon, graphical application monitor

Asn1, compiler and runtime functions for ASN.1

Comet, COM client for Erlang


cosEvent, Orber OMG Event Service

This version is a completely new version of the cosEvent application; older versions were not compliant with the OMG specification. The 'look and feel' has been changed to be more uniform with the other COS services.

cosFileTransfer NEW

An Erlang implementation of the OMG CORBA FileTransfer service.

Note: The OMG CosFileTransfer specification have not been finalized yet. Hence, the API may be changed in the future.

cosNotification, Orber OMG Notification Service

Minor changes.

cosProperty NEW

An Erlang implementation of the OMG CORBA Property service.

cosTime, Orber OMG Timer and TimerEvent Services

Minor changes.

cosTransactions, Orber OMG Transaction Service

Minor changes.

Crypto, MD5, SHA and CBC-DES encryption/decryption

No changes since OTP R7B01.


ERTS, Erlang emulator

Erl_Interface, low level interface to C

EVA, a multi-featured event and alarm handler

No changes since OTP R7B01.

GS, a Graphics System

IC, an IDL compiler

Inets, HTTP server and FTP client.

Minor changes.

Jinterface, low level interface to Java

No changes since R7B01.


Megaco, a Megaco/H.248 protocol stack NEW

A framework for building applications on top of the Megaco/H.248 protocol. Megaco/H.248 is a protocol for control of elements in a physically decomposed multimedia gateway, enabling separation of call control from media conversion. A Media Gateway Controller (MGC) controls one or more Media Gateways (MG).

The semantics of the protocol has jointly been defined by two standardization bodies: IETF which calls the protocol Megaco, and ITU which calls the protocol H.248.


This application has been removed.

Mnemosyne, query language support for Mnesia

No changes since R7B01.

Mnesia, a heavy duty real-time distributed database

Already in R7 (Mnesia-3.10)

R8 (Mnesia-4.X and later)

Mnesia_Session, a foreign language interface to Mnesia

Minor changes.


Orber, a CORBA Object Request Broker

OS_Mon, monitoring of disk usage and OS resources

Parsetools, parsing and lexical analysis tools

No changes since R7B01.

Pman, graphical process manager

Minor changes.


SASL, release handling tools


Minor changes.


Minor changes.

STDLIB, Erlang standard libraries




Minor changes.


TV, grapical table visualizer

Minor changes.

WebTool NEW

A framework for web based tools.