[Erlang Systems]





Start and Stop


start_link(Args, Options) ->
start_link(ServerName, Args, Options) -> Result

stop(Server) ->
stop(Server, Timeout) -> ok

Utility API


init_env(Server) ->
init_env(Server, Timeout) -> {ok, RefEnvHandle} | {error, {Fcn, [Reason]}}

connect(Server, RefEnvHandle, ConnectStr) ->
connect(Server, RefEnvHandle, ConnectStr, Timeout) ->
connect(Server, RefEnvHandle, DSN, UID, PWD) ->
connect(Server, RefEnvHandle, DSN, UID, PWD, Timeout) -> {ok, RefConnHandle} | {error, {Fcn, [Reason]}}

execute_stmt(Server, RefConnHandle, Stmt) ->
execute_stmt(Server, RefConnHandle, Stmt, Timeout) -> {updated, NRows} | {selected, [ColName], [Row]} {error, {Fcn, [Reason]}}

disconnect(Server, RefConnHandle) ->
disconnect(Server, RefConnHandle, Timeout) -> ok | {error, {Fcn, [Reason]}}

terminate_env(Server, RefEnvHandle) ->
terminate_env(Server, RefEnvHandle, Timeout) -> ok | {error, {Fcn, [Reason]}}

Basic API


sql_alloc_handle(Server, HandleType, RefInputHandle) ->
sql_alloc_handle(Server, HandleType, RefInputHandle, Timeout) -> {Result, RefOutputHandle}

sql_bind_col(Server, RefStmtHandle, ColNum, RefBuf) ->
sql_bind_col(Server, RefStmtHandle, ColNum, RefBuf, Timeout) -> Result

sql_close_cursor(Server, RefStmtHandle) ->
sql_close_cursor(Server, RefStmtHandle, Timeout) -> Result

sql_connect(Server, RefConnHandle, DSN, UID, Auth) ->
sql_connect(Server, RefConnHandle, DSN, UID, Auth, Timeout) -> Result

sql_describe_col(Server, RefStmtHandle, ColNum, BufLenColName) ->
sql_describe_col(Server, RefStmtHandle, ColNum, BufLenColName, Timeout) -> {Result,{ColName, LenColName}, SqlType, ColSize, DecDigs, Nullable}

sql_disconnect(Server, RefConnHandle) ->
sql_disconnect(Server, RefConnHandle, Timeout) -> Result

sql_driver_connect(Server, RefConnHandle, InConnStr, BufLenOutConnStr, DrvCompletion) ->
sql_driver_connect(Server, RefConnHandle, InConnStr, BufLenOutConnStr, DrvCompletion, Timeout) -> {Result, {OutConnStr, LenOutConnStr}}

sql_end_tran(Server, HandleType, RefHandle, ComplType) ->
sql_end_tran(Server, HandleType, RefHandle, ComplType, Timeout) -> Result

sql_exec_direct(Server, RefStmtHandle, Stmt) ->
sql_exec_direct(Server, RefStmtHandle, Stmt, Timeout) -> Result

sql_fetch(Server, RefStmtHandle) ->
sql_fetch(Server, RefStmtHandle, Timeout) -> Result

sql_free_handle(Server, HandleType, RefHandle) ->
sql_free_handle(Server, HandleType, RefHandle, Timeout) -> Result

sql_get_connect_attr(Server, RefConnHandle, Attr, BufType) ->
sql_get_connect_attr(Server, RefConnHandle, Attr, BufType, Timeout) -> {Result, Value}

sql_get_diag_rec(Server, HandleType, RefHandle, RecNum, BufLenErrMsg) ->
sql_get_diag_rec(Server, HandleType, RefHandle, RecNum, BufLenErrMsg, Timeout) -> {Result, SqlState, NativeErr, {ErrMsg, LenErrMsg}}

sql_num_result_cols(Server, RefStmtHandle) ->
sql_num_result_cols(Server, RefStmtHandle, Timeout) -> {Result, ColCount}

sql_row_count(Server, RefStmtHandle) ->
sql_row_count(Server, RefStmtHandle, Timeout) -> {Result, RowCount}

sql_set_connect_attr(Server, RefConnHandle, Attr, Value, BufType) ->
sql_set_connect_attr(Server, RefConnHandle, Attr, Value, BufType, Timeout) -> Result

sql_set_env_attr(Server, RefEnvHandle, Attr, Value, BufType) ->
sql_set_env_attr(Server, RefEnvHandle, Attr, Value, BufType, Timeout) -> Result

alloc_buffer(Server, BufCType, Size) ->
alloc_buffer(Server, BufCType, Size, Timeout) -> {ok, RefBuf}

dealloc_buffer(Server, RefBuf) ->
dealloc_buffer(Server, RefBuf, Timeout) -> ok

read_buffer(Server, RefBuf) ->
read_buffer(Server, RefBuf, Timeout) -> {ok, {Value, LenInd}}

Error Messages and Exceptions



odbc 0.8.1
Copyright © 1991-1999 Ericsson Utvecklings AB