Ig Release Notes

Ig 1.7.7

Fixed errors and malfunctions

9 IG Release Notes

This document describes the changes made to the interface generator (IG) tool.

9.1 IG 1.7.6

9.1.1 Fixed Bugs and malfunctions

9.2 IG 1.7.5

9.2.1 Fixed Bugs and malfunctions

9.3 IG 1.7.4

9.3.1 Fixed Bugs and malfunctions

9.4 IG 1.7.3

9.4.1 Improvements and new features

9.5 IG 1.7.2

9.5.1 Fixed Bugs and malfunctions

9.6 IG 1.7.1

9.6.1 Improvements and new features


9.6.2 Fixed Bugs and malfunctions

9.6.3 Incompatibilities with IG 1.7


9.6.4 Known bugs and problems


9.7 IG 1.7

Note that the stub code must be regenerated because one of the bugs fixed caused an internal interface change.

Own Id: OTP-1167
Aux id: HA39395

9.7.1 Improvements and new features

This improvement does not affect those that does not use IG preprocessor directives or does not use the IG_var construction.

The IG_define, IG_ifdef, IG_ifndef, IG_else, IG_endif and IG_var constructions have been changed for portabillity reasons. The table below show the new syntax. Old code will still work using the old syntax but it is strongly recommended that code using the old syntax is rewritten using the new syntax. The new syntax makes use of IG sensitive comments (/*IG*/) to guide the IG parser. Note also that it is not allowed to declare an IG_var with static storage class.

Old syntax New syntax
IG_define MARY 19 /*IG*/ #define MARY 19
IG_ifdef STDC /*IG*/ #ifdef STDC
IG_ifndef NO_SWITCH /*IG*/ #ifndef NO_SWITCH
IG_else /*IG*/ #else
IG_endif /*IG*/ #endif
IG_var extern long thing; /*IG_var*/ extern long thing;
Old and new syntax...

Own Id: OTP-1123

9.7.2 Fixed Bugs and malfunctions

9.7.3 Incompatibilities with IG 1.6

9.7.4 Known bugs and problems


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