Highligts of Erlang/OTP 4.8


This document points at the most important improvments in Erlang/OTP 4.8
More detailed information can be found in the Release Notes.


Kernel-2.2 Stdlib-1.6 Compiler-1.3 Asn1-1.1


Debugger-1.3 Table Visualizer-2.0 ODBC - Open Database Connectivity Mnesia-3.7
A concept of fragmented tables has been introduced in order to cope  with very large tables. The idea is to split a table into several more manageable fragments. Each fragment is implemented as a first clas Mnesia table and may be replicated, have indecies etc.as any other  table.
Mnemosyne-1.1 Orber-2.2 IC-3.3