Class OtpErlangBoolean

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All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Cloneable

public class OtpErlangBoolean
extends OtpErlangAtom

Provides a Java representation of Erlang booleans, which are special cases of atoms with values 'true' and 'false'.

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Constructor Summary
OtpErlangBoolean(boolean t)
          Create a boolean from the given value
OtpErlangBoolean(OtpInputStream buf)
          Create a boolean from a stream containing an atom encoded in Erlang external format.
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Constructor Detail


public OtpErlangBoolean(boolean t)
Create a boolean from the given value

t - the boolean value to represent as an atom.


public OtpErlangBoolean(OtpInputStream buf)
                 throws OtpErlangDecodeException
Create a boolean from a stream containing an atom encoded in Erlang external format. The value of the boolean will be true if the atom represented by the stream is "true" without regard to case. For other atom values, the boolean will have the value false.

OtpErlangDecodeException - if the buffer does not contain a valid external representation of an Erlang atom.